23rd February

🙂 heyy. haha. So today wanted to do a bit of writing to check where I am up to since things seem to be a bit more on track again. I contacted a therapist as my Dad persuaded me to when I was back in England last week and am feeling so optimistic and excited … More 23rd February

Day 74 recovery

I know its been a while since I wrote a blog on this, but I feel ive just been toooo busy! haha. good busy :). Weigh in today 49.3kg. Slightly up but not a lot for over a month. Although, I am taking things a bit slower now and have also started back at the … More Day 74 recovery

Day 48 recovery.

Weigh in today 49.2KG. Up again. Been eating around 2100Kcals each day, although still finding I am eating quite a bit when not hungry. Feeling stronger, less self conscious, more spontaneous and less worried in most situations. I am beginning to be able to focus and use time more productively for fun, things that need … More Day 48 recovery.

Day 42 recovery.

Weigh in today 49.5KG. Up again :). On average I have been having around 2100Kcals a day at work (sedentary at work). Then I have no idea for the last 5 days because each day I haven’t been counting much. The times I have eaten I haven’t really been that hungry, like i used to … More Day 42 recovery.

Day 34 recovery

Weigh in today 48.7KG (7.6stone). Was a bit surprised by this. Scared, happy, upset all in one. I am starting to really notice my body change now. Although this has been gradual which has made things easier. And yesterday, I couldn’t believe it when I actually tried on a pair of jeans, and they fit! … More Day 34 recovery

Day 28 Recovery

I am now re-changing my blog updates to ”Recovery” instead of ”Re-feeding”. There are several reasons for this as I have noticed my thought processes change a lot over this process which I started back in August and now the term ”Re-feeding” doesn’t seem appropriate. In-fact if I really think about it, 28 days is … More Day 28 Recovery