The mind works in mysterious ways

The mind is a powerful, uncontrollable machine which revels in a world wind of emotions, strengths, weaknesses, fears and curiosity of which we often can not control. It sends us through life often over thinking often the simplest of tasks, questions and commonly leaves us desiring more. More knowledge, more answers and understanding to our feelings, situations and even the feelings of others to think more deeply than is often truly necessary.

For when did life become so complicated, so stressful, so uncertain and forever questioning why things are the way they are and what answers given by others truly mean. The brain is a wonderful thing which enables us to do so many wonderful things and without it we would be non existent, however the deep complexity of our thoughts and emotions can often blur our vision of what is truly real and what is simply an over thought cause of our imagination creating problems and challenges that if thought out logically do not truly exist.

Relationships all so commonly fall into a victim of the brains over active imagination through jealousy, over thinking situations and words said in terms, only then to be completely transformed in to whole new translations by the brains misconception of their true meanings and intentions.

Since we tend to think more logically when it comes to the relationships we have with friends and family, we tend not to create the problems that so many relationships face due to an over active and controlling imagination and therefore do not experience the heartache and frustration when these constant mind games and insecurity create problems and ruins the potential happiness a relationship can bring.

We also often doubt ourselves and allow our brains to convince us that we are not capable of achieving or experiencing our goals we have dreamt of achieving and due to this lack in belief and constant feeling of un obtainability we often hold back on our true potential fearing the emotions that will come with failing at the goal we are hoping to reach.

Like with our disbelief in our abilities, our brains also form judgements and mis conceptions of how we see ourselves and how we believe the world views us. Our actions, appearances and words are forever under scrutiny from our minds analysing the thoughts of others and the feeling that we do not live up to our own or societies ideal image of how we are meant to be.

Through life and the challenges and emotions our minds experience over time, this exposes us to a variety of different feelings and thoughts each teaching us different lessons and allowing us to test ourselves in different situations with multiple options on how we decide to respond to these situations. Due to our memories, we will never forget major challenges and problems we have faced and dealt with over our life times of which a large number will have been dealt with in a bad way. However, it is important to learn from the way we used our thoughts and emotions to create actions to resolve these problems and move forward.

Throughout past years I have come across many challenges including similar scenarios to those I have mentioned and have come to learn that the mind works in a mysterious way, one we will never fully understand, yet we need to start adapting our brains to think more logically and not in a depth beyond our brains true intention to function healthily. Over analysing situations, thoughts, words and minor problems turns simple issues into a world wind of multiple problems that in reality do not truly exist. Although we will never be fully in control of our feelings, we can control our thought process if we train ourselves to think logically and see things for what they really are and act based on this and not the blurred visions our minds have created and the problems our over active imaginations have formed.

Through every situation and feeling faced, learn from these experiences, don’t dwell on past failures, every person is a new person with different thoughts and intentions and should not be compared to past situations and acted on as if they were the same. Believe in your capabilities since the only limit is the limit your mind sets you and this can be raised at anytime if you simply have faith it is possible. Understand that you are your own worst critic and if you act, and radiate beauty though your words, actions and creativity you will then appear beautiful in a way that is much more than you will ever see through any mirror.

The mind is a powerful thing, think positive.

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