My Unconditional Love

Unconditional love. This is not something that we experience often in our life, although from a few special people this is something we receive.

Until I have children of my own, I can only imagine this form of love and sacrifice a mother can give a child. The utterly selfless love that my mum has always showed me.

Only now that I am adult enough, independent and a grown woman myself can I now start to realize and appreciate how much my mum has done for me over the years.

From the simple memories of warm hugs when I fell over and hurt my knee. The comforting warmth of my mum´s chest making all the pain go away. The constant encouragement that ´although often silly ideas´, if I wanted to do it…I could do it.

No matter what plans or other commitments she had, nothing would stand in the way of ensuring we had the best and were put first always.

Now that I live in a different country I often think much more about my family. In particularly my mum since we have always been so close. Not having her around makes me appreciate the special times we spend together so much more and I often have thoughts and laugh to myself in my head of silly moments we have shared together.

Singing queen songs at Christmas, nearly falling over at Sarah Kemp´s wedding holding on to each other crying with laughter in the gardens while trying to take photos, attempting to ride a bike home..after a few too many drinks down the bypass. All funny memories that always cheer me up on days I miss her the most.

No matter what mistakes I have made in the past, this has never effected how much my mum has stood by my side.

Not only has she always put me and my sister first, this is also the same for the rest of our family. The dedication she showed to care for my Grandad, the advice and support she gave her own father when he had doubts about his illness. Standing by and supporting my dad to encourage him to follow his passion of bike riding. Being an amazing and supportive sister when my Aunty needed her sister the most.

With my illness my mum has also always been my rock. Not only for her medical knowledge, but her empathy, warm and comforting support she has always given me.

For this reason, my mum was always made to be a mother and a nurse because only the most caring of people in this world can do these two jobs and do them so exceptionally well without ever expecting anything in return.

My mum is so special to me and always feels close to my heart no matter how far away she is.

My mum, my best friend, my unconditional love.

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