Special people.

Throughout our life times, we meet thousands of people. People we share interests, conversations, romances, disagreements and others we simply pass by. However, we rarely encounter meeting special people that remain in our life for long periods of time with the exception of our families.

For someone to say they have a large number of friends is often misconceived into the thought that this person has many people that they could call a true friend. Instead this person is simply referring to acquaintances of which we all have.

To have special people enter your life and remain there no matter what, is something truly special and something I have been blessed with in my life.

Throughout the years me and this person have grew together, experienced every childhood phase, teenage troubles and adult challenges that awaited us.

We have shared tears, laughs, experiences, supportive and constructive advice and supported one another through times we needed this support. We have also experienced arguments and disagreements over the years. Although, the bond I have with this person is a bond only comparable with ones family due to the impossibility to be broken no matter what conflicts have come between us.

Often people feel too ashamed or don´t dare to have the confidence to express their true feelings, thoughts and opinions and ultimately to be themselves. No matter how bad, silly or extreme a thought I may have, I always have faith that this person understands me and I never worry to express my true opinions and be myself around this person.

A person that sees the beauty in everything. To try and experience what the world has to offer and learn from the lessons other cultures can teach us. To make life an exciting adventure and give herself the possibilities of further opportunities, that who know´s where, could be waiting for us.

For someone to be truly beautiful on both the inside and out is also a rare trait to have. Often people can make pre-judgements based on appearance and only after truly knowing that person can their beauty within be realized. For this person the beauty that she shows to the world on the outside also matches her beautiful personality. This is something only lucky people who share a friendship with this person will ever realize.

No matter how far apart we are in the world, once we are re-united, the feeling that we have been apart is not a feeling we experience. Old conversations, plans, and memories pick up where the left off in the most natural way.

Her ability to put such passion in to things is something I admire. To transform an experience into something truly unforgettable.

To me, this person is one of those very few people we find in life that becomes part of my life and me hers. Someone so special that the memories and experiences I have had over my life would hold no place without her being there through these times. Someone that I know no matter how I fail, what I achieve or where my life may take me, this person will be in my life, my heart and will remain there throughout it all.

This Beautiful, Special woman is my Holly.

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