Just to prove that little calories don’t matter and won’t effect my mood.

Just to prove that little calories don’t matter and shouldn’t effect my mood and keep me worrying for days.

So today started as a day of frustration. Frustration that I (as normal) didn’t sleep well. Frustration that having managed to eat around 2200 kcals yesterday and other than the weight lifting session, not moving much all day and waking up this morning deflated as usual as the water weight had subsided in my sleep.

If I can have days where I truly feel I am stuffing myself and still not managing to change physically are gaining strength, then what does it really take.

For so long I have been fraternising over 50/100Kcals here and there with the fear of gaining weight too quickly or getting fat. If I am not noticing a physical difference after days of eating 500+kcals more than I need then….was all this wasted time worrying about small calories worth it?

So today, just to prove that little calories here and there really shouldn’t worry me, ive simply given myself a day of rest. Not thought about what I am eating, not worried about waking up fat or feeling guilty for it because lets face it…even if I did get a little fat, it would only be a step closer to the womanly curves I crave so badly.

So here it goes. Today I ate.

Breakfast half a ciabatta baguette, 5 small slices of serrano ham and 1 large slice of cured ham, little bit of mayo and salad. Yummy :).

-Half a magnum hehe.

-strawberry protein yoghurt with strawberries and blueberries with some cereal sprinkled on top.

Lunch half a pack of ham tortelini with salad, mayo and 2 small slices of serrano ham.

Then throughout the afternoon.

-Protein yoghurt with strawberries.

-Slice of toast with a babybell melted.

-2 more slices of toast with 3 slices of serrano ham.

-A big bowl of cereal with blueberries and strawberries.

-2 lines of cadburys chocolate.

-1 protein yoghurt with peaches.

-2 more slices of toast with mayo and cured ham.

-Protein shake.

-Glass of milk.

-2 biscuits.

Its safe to say that its only 8pm and I am feeling pretty full. But, I am not going to think about it more. Maybe I will have something else little before bed but I am not going to worry about the amount I have eaten today.

This should be another learning curve for me to stop being silly about little calories and realise, tomorrow because I have eaten a large amount over what I need (I have literally not moved all day because of how tired I am) I am not going to wake up suddenly fat or spiral in to a disorder of over eating. I overate, so what, now forget and get on with things.

Stay positive 🙂

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