A different shopping experience


So this morning I went shopping. For the first time I set myself a challenge to not buy food based on protein content or over analyse the calories.

Normally my shopping list is religiously the same. Salad, chicken, ham, oatmeal, skimmed milk the usual suspects of calorie restriction.

Today I thought lets try making things a little easier on myself.

I always pre cook meals so I know all the calorie content, that it is super clean all natural etc etc which to be honest is extremely time consuming and leaves no room for spontaneity.

Today I bought some quick snacks and tried not to worry that they were lacking protein etc since this should be more for meals.

I am planning to focus more on having bigger meals (like the majority of people do) and not snacking on high protein snacks through the day and making everything so much harder than it needs to be. If I only had 3 meals to worry about in a day…this would already make life much easier. Currently my meals are too small and have very little calories so as soon as I am finished feel anxious, head fog returns and hungry again. But because my mind says ”youv’e had your meal you can’t eat more”…I go hungry until the next low calorie meal.

So today I bought.

Bottles of tomato juice.

Bottles of pinapple juice.

Ready made cappuccinos and lates.

Nacho chips for a night in.

Salsa for the nachos.

Chocolate cereal bars (although these are things I have bought before and have tried and tested through previous challenges to myself, its something I normally see as a treat if i’ve had a workout or something, but I want to try seeing them now as normal snacks).

Bread for quick sandwiches.

I know this doesn’t sound too extreme yet although these are snacks I would never normally have bought due to them being ready made quick and easy. Although, I am giving it a test and will keep you updated of course :).

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