My Spanish sister

It is often hard to connect with someone as we grow older in the same way we found it so easy to bond with new friends as children. When this person has also been brought up in a different culture, speaking a different language, this can then make forming a connection even more difficult.
However, despite this being challenging, I am lucky to have formed some of the strongest friendships I have since being here in Spain.
One person in particular I admire more than anyone I have yet to meet here, has become my closest friend and one I know will be a part of my life for the inevitable future.
However, my admiration for this person and the shining qualities I see on a daily basis I feel are sometimes overlooked by this person and her perception of herself is not as the rest of the world sees her.
She has effortless style. An eye for design and original creativity which reflects in her possessions and appearance. This style is something I have more recently come to admire and find myself taking a different appreciation for fashion, originality and true quality.
She has a natural beauty. A beauty that does not require cover ups, false appearances or maintenance. Like all women, this person has her insecurities. Although, her true beauty outweighs the tiny imperfections that are only noticed by her and she attracts more attention that she often notices.
She has sophistication. Although at times timid, her polite yet charismatic personality endears everyone she meets.
She has the best sense of humor. To be able to share an intellect conversation with this person one minute, and the next moment be acting like mischievous children is something that enables me to connect with this person on a different level and have me laughing for days after.
She is a motivator. Her desire to help me with learning the Spanish language is something that in the 3.5 years of knowing this person has not dropped. When she see´s me trying to learn, I see happiness in her which encourages me even more to keep learning.

She has strength. Through life challenges, the determination to learn several languages, excel in her work and experience, to live in several different countries and step outside of her comfort zone is something truly admirable. When situations have become tough, there has been low times. Although, this person has fought her way through these times and learnt and developed as a person because of these experiences. She is now stronger and more focused on what she wants, how she can get it and how not to let others determine her path in life.
But above all, she has a heart. A heart that has opened up to me and welcomed me in to her life and country. A heart that always puts others before herself and is sometimes unappreciated by some people who have come in to her life and taken her warm hearted nature for granted. Although, previous un appreciation for her true qualities has not impacted her or changed her true self because she knows who she is. No matter what she has experienced, she will always be this person and for this reason the special people that she meets in life will stay in her life and appreciate all that she is as a person.
When I want to laugh, cry, explore, experience and learn. This is the person I think of first.
When I need advice, support or a sense of security. This is one of the people I speak to first.
When I am missing my family. This person above all, feels my closest family here in Spain.
This amazing, funny, crazy, beautiful, inspiring, honest and supportive person is my Spanish sister.


Un Besito x


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