Day 17 Re-feeding progress

What an emotional, exciting, challenging yet liberating week.

I feel I really made some good steps this week and have noticed my mind, personality and creativity creeping back into my life which is something that is exciting me more than ever.

It is true what I have been told by many other people who have also been through this process that the amount of time you find yourself having free to pursue what you really love that was previously occupied by counting calories, meal plans and excessive exersize. This week I feel I have been quite productive in the goals I have had for a while but have always felt I didn’t have the ”time” to focus on. So this week I..

I wrote several blogs. In particular a special one about my friend Nuria.

I started working on my first Spanish song lyrics.

I studied more than I have in months at Spanish.

I started watching a Spanish series to help with Spanish learning.

I wrote a blog for a big eating disorder recovery website and is now going to be published on their site in the next 6 weeks! πŸ™‚

Last week I visited a coastal town with one of my closest friends and had lunch out at an Italian restaurant.

I spent a girly weekend with my best friend Nuria and had a takeaway pizza (for the first time in years), tried a Frape for the first time with mini croissants and just laughed and relaxed i good company.

In addition to the extra time I have now found in my schedule for important things such as studying and simply relaxing with friends as appose to having a set time slot for them around meal times and planning, I have started to notice so many other things coming to light in myself, my personality and creativity again that I had forgotten existed.

This weeks challenges.

Muffin – complete πŸ™‚

Takeaway healthy Italian pizza for dinner – complete πŸ™‚

Smoothie/Frape (high calorie drink) – complete πŸ™‚

What Nuria ate in the smoothie bar…i need to try. So like she did, I added a mini croissant to the Frape – complete πŸ™‚

Quick panini dinner after work – complete πŸ™‚

Cheese and cracker dinner – complete πŸ™‚

And…my challenge set from over 2 weeks ago to not excersize in 2 weeks… – complete πŸ™‚

Today, I also weighed myself for the first time in 1 week. I have been consuming on average between 2300-2400Kcals a day and being completely sedentary. Writing in the morning, only walking to work and not doing my usual walks when I take a break at work. Although, I weighed myself this morning and I was actually exactly the same! 46.6KG. This really shocked me. Although, it makes what I have been reading regarding the MM treatment plan all make sense and ring true.

So, today I am upping the Calories to 2500-2600 minimum. If I can get in more then better but will see how I get on after a couple of days at this.

So, off to another week of challenges, laughs, progression and productivity. Feeling optimistic and excited :).


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