Day 20 Re-feeding progress

Things are starting to get a little tough but I am in this now, no going back!

I may actually be a little more excited and optimistic if I didn´t have a terrible thought infection which is making swallowing (without food) so painful. Add my mission of 2500-2600 kcals to swallow and its so painful!

But, we are persisting!

I have noticed some more side effects this week which aren´t that pleasant. It started with a big break out in spots. I still have a few spots but no additions :). Although, the heat is coming! I am having hot flushes a lot and go from being very cold to sweating hot in a short amount of time. Also I look a bit pregnant at the moment and the water weight is starting to show a little bit at certain times but then subsides again usually by the morning.

I was at the doctors again this morning and will have some more check ups over the next few weeks.

Hoping to start feeling better soon and get some energy back to start writing more. However, at the moment I just feel so tired and am lacking energy for most things.

But, got to get through the storm to get to the other side, so on we go no matter what :).

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