How do I know?

When does it become just more than a friendship? Could this be the person I have been waiting my life to meet and can see a future with?
For years I have imagined, dreamt up the person I will one day meet. To develop a future, life and solid relationship with. To make me smile, laugh and enjoy the simple moments. The ability to make me appreciate my capabilities and myself as a person. Understand me and support me through my achievements, goals and also my weaknesses.
Yet, on this pursuit to find this person, could the person who has infact been there to provide all of these things in the meantime be the person I have been searching for.
Thoughts have often entered my mind about a potential life with this person. Yet then I think, this would not be possible, we are just friends. Although, isn’t this what we all want from a relationship….a true friend?
Defining what equals a strong friendship and romantic relationship can sometimes be difficult. Although, there is an attraction with this person. The attraction I have to this person is deeper than the attraction I have had for the men I have had previous relationships with. More commonly, the attraction is there from the very start and it is that that fuels the desire to explore the other qualities and personality of the person. However, in this case it seems things have happened in reverse.
The more i become to understand this person, the more memories we share, the more we laugh together, the stronger the attraction becomes and the once black and white view on sexual attraction becomes more colorful in a sense of connection.
To become closer with this person, scares me, excites me and keeps my mind wondering if this is the right thing.
However, the curiosity is there, that is for certain.
I guess only time will tell.

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