How I imagine my life in 5 years…reasons to recover

my life in 5 years recovered
i will have a boyfriend/husband and children
i will have experienced child birth and the feeling of pregnancy
i will have the energy and brain space to pour everything into my passions
i will have progressed in my job
i will be able to ride my bike every weekend on long bike rides with my family
i can bake cookies with my children and teach them to cook
i will be able to walk everywhere again withought pain or discomfort
i will be sleeping better each night and have more energy to enjoy each day

my life in 5 years not recovered
my life would be the same.
i will not have children.
i will still feel selfconcious around men and am less likely to meet someone because of that.
i may progress at work, although i won’t be as focused to go as far.
i will have spent my whole 20’s missing parties, social activities etc.
my looks will deteriorate and make it harder to meet someone or for someone to be attracted to me.
i will do more damage to my body and it will take longer to repair
i will miss all my young years not clubbing, dancing or wearing nice dresses

No more time wasting. Make these years count!

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