Bucket list of things I have wanted to do for years…but Anorexia told me NO!…now I am saying…Yes!

-Swim in the sea at sun rise.

-Bake cookies and take them to work for my colleagues.

-Have a late night picnic and drinks on the beach.

-Go to Tibidabu, Monjuic or the bunkers (very high points with amazing views) at night with a picnic.

-Go to bachata class at night.

-Go to the cinema and eat Popcorn.

-Play volley ball on the beach.

-Have a morning in starbucks with a starbucks breakfast (of WHATEVER I fancy) with a good book.

-Go rollerblading at night and grab an ”improvised” dinner.

-Try cocktails!

-Make healthy fruit/superfood smoothies.

-Go to Crepes Barcelona.

….I have many more haha…but now I need to get ready for work…something has to pay for all this extra food yano.. 😉

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