Day 38 – Re-feeding

This weekend was a good weekend :).I had a few down days the past week, but focused on fun, being productive and seeing friends this weekend.

I also did two ore challenges.

Staying after work and having an ”improvised dinner”.

Having a dinner outside on the street in the centre.

However, after sticking to 2500kcals all week (being sedentary) the weekend has proven to me that on days I am my usual active self I need a lot more.

Saturday, I walked around the centre buying presents, quite a lot of walking and sunday i went to see the attractions walking around the park and then to the centre and the attractions at Monjuic. Each day around 18,000 steps. On these days I still had around 2500 kcals but have actually now lost weight and not maintained. back down to 47.2 KG (7st 4.3) Although still not back to original 🙂 and considering I accomplished challenges i am not feeling too bad about it.

On Friday I had lots of sandwiches provided by work (free sandwiches on a friday) and stayed to watch the fireworks.

On saturday, a big chocolate muffin and a big dinner at 11pm of noodles, bread, salad, chicken etc :).

On sunday, mini home made pizza baguettes for breakfast, spagetti for lunch, fruit and yoghurt, and a slice of vegan and cheese pizza with my first try of epanadas for dinner (like mini pie/pasties filled will mozzarella and ham).

I have also started having a big desire to start doing some team sports as appose to workouts. Ie for fun not just activity. So have seen a girls football club every sunday which I would like to start going to when i get back from England. Since England will be full of challenges and I want to really test myself there, I am sticking to a comfortable level and not overdoing it with the food just for these next 3 days because I don’t want to be super anxious when i Go there and avoid the challenges. So the next week is all about, enjoying the time, eating what I want when I want and not focusing on the calories as I have been needing to through the re-feeding. Providing I maintain through this period, I will be happy to come back and continue eating over what feels comfortable to keep gaining.

I think it is a balance now, I consistently am eating over what feels natural to me and realizing, I really do need more than what I think and if I live the lifestyle I a accustomed to, active and sport…I can actually eat pretty much anything and don’t need to count the calories. If I live this sedentary life…which I actually really don’t enjoy, I can still eat a very normal amount and get all the nutrients I need. So I am starting to realize things I didn’t think were possible.

I have also set myself some more challenges for when I return from England and am going to dive head in with these.

Octobers Challenges.

Have at least 1 week (and continue if I feel it improves my mood) trying different activities after work (which will include random improvised dinners) to improve my routine to be focused more on fun…not food!

So I will be going to different events, football training on a sunday, Bachata class on a saturday night, International social meetups for drinks, staying after work for drinks or in a bar, language exchanges etc. Before summer ends and it gets too cold, I also want to do something I have thought about for years (but never done because of the strict food schedules) and that is to go early in the morning to the beach around 7 am and swim in the water :). In fact, I may even make another ”bucket list” now haha, of all the things this eating disorder and its rigid rules have stopped me from doing for 4 years!!…Since yesterday with my..”its not about food day” thinking…but about fun…If I keep this mentality then why can’t I do everything I have always wanted to do!?

Looking forward to England now and a week of fun, challenges and focusing on my family and friends.




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