Changing thinking processes from Negative to Positive.

Sometimes its easy to focus on the negative areas of our lives and situations and not actually see the full picture and realize that we actually have so much more to be grateful for than we often realize.
Negative and positive experiences never tend to weigh the same in our minds. We can have a great day filled with hours of positive things that only take one bad scenario to leave us feeling it was an overall bad day. What happened to the 10 great things that happened before that one bad comment or experience that we felt spoiled everything?! Nothing, we just chose to focus on the negative and disregard all the other positive aspects of the day.
I chose to write a blog today to start expressing my thoughts on psychology when it comes to negative and positive thinking and to start in an attempt to change my thought processes and create a better balance.


Negative. I came back from England feeling as though I had let my family and self down by letting the dominating, controlling thoughts back in to my mind and actions of anorexia. Because I can’t focus all my mind on the time I am spending with them, I feel I act selfishly and am not my true self.
Positive. I spent time with my family. We had special times, chats and although things weren’t perfect this is not me. I love and adore my family and just being together is something that makes us both closer and happier than when we are apart.


Negative. I weighed myself when I came back from England and had lost weight. I feel I have gone a step backwards and how far I have come was not as far as I had initially thought. I have relapsed.
Positive. I have realized that as I have said and am now coming to see true, it will take many battles to win the fight. There will be up and down times which will be long term. This is a long, learning and developing process and providing I stay one step ahead and take 2 steps forward for every step back, I will stay in the right direction.


Negative. I ate a lot to try and compensate and get back on the weight gain today to compensate. I now feel like I have punished myself by eating large amounts over what I feel I felt hungry for or needed. I have overdone things and just want to feel empty again.
Positive. You ate a lot because you are back in the environment you see your mind clearer. The mind that has been getting slowly better these past 6 weeks. You are eating what you need to heal and become care free, strong, happy and healthy again. When you restrict and deprive your body of what it needs, there will be times you feel the need to eat me, this is your body crying out for the energy and nutrition it needs! Respond to it!


Every negative scenario can be looked at from a different angle and changed in to a positive. This is something I plan to focus on to create a better balance in the way I see challenges and day to day experiences.

One thought on “Changing thinking processes from Negative to Positive.

  1. What an excellent way of balancing ‘ups and downs’
    The main thing is you are moving forward and yes there may sometimes be steps backward but as long as there are more steps forward then you are winning.


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