What do we really have to be grateful for?….More than you probably every realize or appreciate.

It is easy to focus on the negative areas of our lives and relationships and often tends to take a much deeper thought process or sometimes even a loss of these things to every truly realize how many great things we have in our lives every day without ever appreciating.

It is western culture to compare ourselves to others, often without ever realizing. Whether that be the most superior job title, the highest salary, the best home or social life. In reality, the majority of these things we think to create a better existence often don’t have much impact if the person achieving these things continues to compare themselves to those at the level above them. Since by doing this, surely the bar is un-reachable and there will always be someone at a higher level right? However, instead of constantly comparing ourselves to those more oftenly ”superior” to us, or so we think, why do we not ever tend to compare ourselves to those worse of than us?

To appreciate what we have is something that we often overlook since we are always on are quest for bigger and better things. I decided to focus my thoughts and some time on taking a different approach to comparison to others from the opposite end of the spectrum that I have always done and that feels natural to all of us.

Below are some of my thoughts.
-Some people do not have food and are struggling to survive.

I have food and can nourish myself easily, cheaply and give my body all the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and alive.
-Some people do not have a home and spend each night on the cold street without the feeling of security or home comforts we all take for granted.

I have a home that I love. Shared with my closest friend. I can wake up and go to sleep each night feeling safe and secure and can be proud of my home.
-Some people struggle to find a job or may not have a job capable to sustain a decent quality of life.

I have a job that I don’t do just to pay the bills. I genuinely love my job and look forward to work. I work with people from all over the world and my job has opened me up to so many new experiences and has taken me on holiday every year with my colleagues. It has given me more experience in marketing and event planning and always supported me in my career and personal issues also.


-Some people have illnesses that stop them from being able to be active, live the way they would like and need to depend on others to care of them.

Although I may not be in the best health with crohns disease and other issues, at this moment in time I am relatively healthy. I can still move, walk, take care of myself, live, work, travel and live my life how I wish.


-Some people do not have friends.

I have friends in many countries all over the world and several friends that I consider like family.


-Some people do not have family due to loosing them or simply being un-supported in their life decisions or for other reasons.

I have a family that no matter what path I decide to take I always know they will be backing me and cheering me on to succeed. This is something that can not be bought, achieved or obtained in life and is truly the biggest blessing to have such a supportive and loving family.


By changing my thought process and taking some time to start comparing myself to those worse off than me, this makes me realize how much I actually have to be happy for. This isn’t a blog to prove what I have or make the things in my life appear perfect or better than others. It is simply a way to express the reasons behind focusing on the good areas of what we already have instead of constantly trying to strive for what we think we need.

It is usually only when the things we have are taken away that we ever really realize what we had in the first place. We should start thinking ourselves lucky not to have to experience the loss of a home, family, friends, jobs or health to start appreciating what we have and take a moment to compare from this perspective instead.

My life is already full of great things and this is something I am trying to focus on when I am feeling times are getting low.




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