Things to Notice

I used to love weight training, now I don’t particularly enjoy it.I think I saw it more of a way to make me feel stronger and more powerful in my body. Average girls who like sport don’t weight train to the frequency and intensity that I was, so why should I be doing in my weaker body! I also felt it gave me an excuse to eat normal amounts. Although my mind would be even more filled with calorie counting along with protein and other macros which just created more panic and avoidance of certain social situations for the worry I wouldn’t get the super high protein levels I has set myself.

Stop weight training! Sell the weights! Have extra space in my bedroom not filled with big weight bars! The things I genuinely enjoy are team sports, walking, riding my bike, hiking. Weight training always stopped me from doing these things because my muscles would be permanently saw. Without such a strict routine centered around weigh training and macro nutrients, this leave more room for fun, fun activities that I am so excited to start doing. Dancing, team sports, walking again with more strength and testing my sprinting skills again (I used to be a great sprinter). Roller blading with my friends and also want to try yoga :).
I get a bad stomach if i eat too much fat/sugar all in one day. I have been building up the ”fear foods” and have now become quite comfortable with things like chocolates and sweets. because they are often in small pieces, these don’t tend to worry me at all now. However, I can have some days where I over do it and see it as the quick way to boost up calories and my main meals always seem to remain the same. Focused around salad and low in slow release carbs and fats. I also notice, when I only have a small bit of chocolate or a few cookies a day I enjoy it much more than if the day revolves around sugar and protein which it often does. It also increases my mood when I have a day with balance. Some super healthy meals like lentils salad, maybe a ham or Serrano sandwich, oatmeal for breakfast and then a chocolate milkshake and cookies with fruit in between. A balance day leaves me feeling I have had everything I wanted (these three are genuinely my favorite meals haha) and my stomach, energy levels and mind feels balanced.

Everything in moderation. Thinking back to the quote lucy said that its reality to eat what you want and depending how hungry you are. If I fancy a big bowl of fruit, thats what I will have if i fancy a few cookies instead, why not. In diets and through illnesses such as anorexia we are constantly eating what is allowed, whats on ”our menu”not necessarily the nutrients our body needs at that time. Maybe it needs so extra vitamins so hunger cues for fruit is your bodies way of telling you what it needs. If fats are low in that day, maybe this could explain the desire for those extra cookies. Cravings only occur when you deprive yourself from something you want or need. I also learnt this to be true when I started introducing chocolate a few years ago. Now I usually have a small bit of chocolate every two days or so and or a cookie or two most days. I could never imagine myself eating an entire chocolate bar or pack of cookies ever! I would be sick and wouldn’t want to, i don’t crave that much because I am satisfied with it every day. Say yes to everything and eat what you crave. Nutrients will balance out and you will not only crave chocolate and eat that all day. I notice it, if i have a day eating a bit bad and no fruit or much beg in a day, the next day all i can think about is fruit, salad and fresh food. My body craves it. So, listen and respond accordingly:).
I bought a pedometer to prove to myself that what I eat is not enough and I need to stop considering myself as sedentary just because I have stopped the intensive workouts. On the days I felt like I was literally a coach potato, I actually still managed to walk between 9,000 and 13,000 steps. These days I felt I barely moved. Then on the weekend, again not exersizing and taKing the metro to avoid my excessive walking I was closer to 20,000. If this is me cutting back on how active I would generally be in daily life (and what i want to get back to) then this proves I have been underestimating for far to long. I also noticed especially when going back to England (but also with my colleagues and friends here ) how in comparison to me they seem so sedentary. However, they are slim, healthy, eat pretty much what they want, work in office, take the metro to work etc. I think my reality of what is sedentary and what considers an active person is so far appart from the rest of the world. Although I love my active life, I need to keep on convincing my brain if you want this crazy run around active lifestyle…..i gotta feed it MORE!

My stomach doesn’t tell me I am hungry.I have known this for many years. I could literally go 24 hours some days and not feel remotely hungry. The signs for me are my head, thought process and emotion. I will still have energy, almost too much energy and feel like I am in a manic rush to get things done. Although my body will be like a live wire, my brain can’t process words or thoughts well and its almost a feeling I am in a bubble and words cant get i to me. Its a strange way to explain it but the simplest of conversations just get me stressed and I can’t understand how to respond. I also feel agitated and just want to move. Relaxing is impossible.
When I start getting brain fog or things start to seem stressful, have an apple and see if i then need more. I have tried this in the past and as drastic as it sounds the rush of sugar suddenly hits my brain, not my stomach and for a short period of time my brain almost feels somewhat connected again and able to think clearer. Our brains run on glocose. If there is no glucose available in the body….no wonder my brain cant think or process anything!


These are some notes to myself to help me and anyone else who feels the same about particular topics mentioned. Sometimes its easy to get wrapped up in our minds and think we do the same each day as others, but in my case, its just not true and for a long time I have not been giving my body what it needs to live this new active lifestyle I have found in Spain.

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