Environmental factors in recovery and remission

If you have read some of my previous posts, you will know around 2 weeks ago I visited England to see my family and relapsed in my recovery. The change of environment, people, habits and comforts tough. Surrounded by convenience food and people less health focused was a lot for me to deal with.

Living in a country that embrace healthy, nutritious food and live a lifestyle predominantly outdoors enjoying life, sport and food has made me feel if ever I am going to recover this is the best place for me to do it, surrounded by people that to them eating well is simply a culture, not a habit or thought out plan.

However, I want to get to a stage where I don’t base my holidays, living and exploring the world based on other cultures food habits. Furthermore and most importantly, I don’t want to feel the fear of relapse every time I visit my family!

There are different habits, food options and lifestyles where ever you go in the world. I should remember this since when I first came to Barcelona and was at the depths of bulimia and binge purging cycles, all I could see were pastry shops and fresh baguettes. The amount of pastries I would buy and eat in the first month of being here, I could have opened up my own shop! So what changed? The pastry shops closed? No. I changed.

I started seeing other things I loved about the new city I was living in. Creating new habits in my life and trying new things.

It is this that really, if I think in detail has helped me the most. The food has also helped change my vision of eating to a healthier way with more vegetables, fruit etc (of which I never used to eat). Although, I think what I have been missing for so long is that it is me that has changed and this is why I feel most comfortable here. I have achieved things here, met people, experienced things I never did back in my home country and I think this is what makes me feel I am only capable and comfortable here.

It is right that certain situations, places and people can make living a healthy and happy life easier. However, I am the same person no matter where I am in the world, if my mindset stays positive, I believe in myself and make healthy choices with treats, why the hell can’t I do this in another country and let my life take me wherever it decides to go!

Wanderlust 😉


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