Day 13 re-feeding.

Today I weighed in at 47.8KG (7stone 5.2 llbs). I gained 🙂 which I expected from the week I have had.

2 days of extreme hunger. Eating sooo much. Plus a weekend of fun, lots of sangria, and for the first time…not restricting after a few days of giving in to extreme hunger.

I’ve decided to start documenting what I eat in a day to also give others an idea of the amounts it takes to gain at this rate.

So today, I have my meals planed out and am finally upping to the minimum guidelines regardless of my hunger.

Brekfast – I just finished off 80 g oats with full fat milk. Added a small amount of strawberries and blueberries. 2 small slices of serrano ham and a ginger nut cookies. A coffee with a spoon full of hot chocolate powder and milk. 600Kcals.

Late morning snack before walking to work. – a large banana. 100Kcals.

2pm snack when arriving at work. Ice coffe late – fruit, protein yoghurt 200Kcals.

Lunch. – Spagetti, salad, chicken, mayonaise. 450 Kcals.

Late afternoon snack. cream cheese and crackers and a babybell. 300 Kcals.

Macha late – 50Kcals.

Snack before walking home- A large apple. 100Kcals.

Dinner – Chickepeas, salad, mayonnaise, half a pack of seasoned chicken. A small tortilla wrap. 500 Kcals.

Before bed drinks – Chocolate soya milk drinks – 100Kcals.


Body and mind changes.

-Felling super tired and a little dizzy after breakfast.

-Staring to think more about sex. Yesterday, it was all I could thing about! haha.

-Feeling less self conscious

-I am looking softer. Feeling more girly. Veins in hand and legs are becoming less visible.

-Using the bathroom most days.

-I slept like a baby last night!

-The desire to walk excessively to burn calories is reducing.

-I am still using my pedometor and on days I am normal, no excessive walking, just walking to work and back and going about my daily tasks, am racking up atleast 10,000 steps every day. Some days around 12000 if i go shopping (shop is very close) in the morning.

-I am being as sedentary as I can be.

-My bum and boobs are actually staring to fill a little and my bum looks more round than when I was squatting! I also feels stronger and more like there’s actually a little bit to grab on to for a change haha.

-I am not getting brain fog as much and am finding it easier to concentrate on the days I have at least 2200Kcals/2300.

-Have more appetite and the the desire for more food to keep energy up is increasing.

-I am feeling warmer the majority of the time, despite the weather getting colder.

-My stomach is starting to have a little something to pinch on to.

-My body actually is looking better and not so emaciated.

-Excessive liquids aren´t filling me up or keeping me as satisfied anymore.

-My pelvis and back bone, I can’t feel or see as much.

-My rib cage is getting less visible….and cleavage is actually developing again! ahhh :).

-I am starting to feel dare I say it a little more sexy and womanly.

-I have a few more spots again this week :/.

So…symptoms are getting more comfortable and the biggest challenge accomplished this week is not restricting again after extreme hunger. Although due to me being so stuffed these days, the calories did drop and I tended to listen to my hunger cues a little instead of force feeding myself. So I had on average around 2000-2200 on the rest of the days this week after the massive eats for two days.

I am becoming more used to the volumes I am eating and starting to feel how crazy it was on the amount I used to live on before. 2200 now seems to be the minimum I can eat during a day now. Where as before this felt like I was stuffing myself! So I am now pushing up to 2500 EVERYDAY to hopefully see if this can feel a new norm.

Lets see how things go this week and will be writing more blogs through the week and am curious, excited and looking forward to the next weigh in, making more progress, and trying to enjoy my food more instead of seeing it as a threat, chore and something I need to do.


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