Just to prove calorie counters DON’T work

So today I did a bit of a test.

3 calorie calculators. 6 results.

My current weight. Plus, when i was a much higher weight before anorexia.

3 massively different results.

Result one – at 110llbs (5llbs heavier that I am now)

1300Kcals when lightly active (WTF)

1550kcals when lightly active (still…WTF)

2200Kcals likely more accurate.

Result two – at 155llbs (this is what I weighed at my highest when i lived in England before anorexia.

Result one when sedentary (which I completely was!) 1683 (don’t think so)

Result two when sedentary -1563 (haha I could eat that in a dinner and a snack)

Result three when sedentary – 1684.

So, as you can see…the results vary dramatically!

The reason I checked in my previous weight along with my current is because I KNOW what I used to eat and maintained my weight for years at 155llbs. I would eat A LOT. Big bowls of spaghetti, mountains of cheese, full large dominos pizzas, takeaways frequently and wouldn’t say not to a fair few drinks each weekend!

I would drive to work. Sit at a desk all day and exersize was my worst nightmare.

I think on average I would consume around at least 2200Kcals and on weekends a bit more. My diet was rich in fat. Processed ready meals. Takeaways. Fruit and vegetables were NEVER on the menu and often endulged in Mcdonalds, KFC, dominos pizzas…yes I would eat the whole medium sometimes large pizza. My weight was stable and I maintained. So in fact likely much higher than what I am even estimating.

I wouldn’t count calories which is why I can’t give an accurate figure. Although the dramatic differences in these results and the fact that I now feel literally STARVING if I was to eat only 1550 Kcals at my current low weight proves these are so wrong.

The answer….DON’T USE CALORIE CALCULATORS. They are lies. The create malnutrition, pressure, eating disorders and will ultimately hinder your recovery and send you straight back in to a relapse if once weight restored (not that you would ever reach that if you listened to them) if you believe this bullshit.

I also read that reason for these low estimations is due to the fact we often under estimate the calories we actually eat. Although, we all know that this is not the case when in the mist of an eating disorder. We KNOW the calories. This is part of the control problem.

3 balanced meals with 2 to 3 snacks in between I feel is needed to maintain weight. And this is when being on the low end of active. Walking, household activities, etc. Not when enjoying sport. When we take part in sport, this needs to increase a lot!

If I listened to these, I would be consuming 1600 Kcals – 1800 when ”moderately active”,walking to and from work everyday, doing sport 1-5 times a week, I would literally shrivel away.

So this has made me put even more faith in sticking to the MM guidelines and not dropping below 2500Kcals (not matter how uncomfortable this feels at first).I can see my body is really becoming accustomed to this and the feeling of nausea, pregnant with a food baby and uncomfortableness is so much less now and to imaging eating only 1400Kcals a day as an average of these results seems absolutely ridiculous!

Be strong, have faith, don’t listen to these stupid calculators and listen to your body, enegy levels, eat well and your body will tell you what and when it needs food, nutrition not a stupid calculator that has no ideas of your bodies processes, activity, energy expenditure or needs.

MM guidelines – female under 5”8 – 2500 Kcals.

Over 5”8 3000 Kcals.

This seems huge at first and yes the symptoms are horrible! But your body adapts and now as I have previously said, I don’t think I have a single day I drop below 2200 and my weight gain is still slow. I am sedentary! So who knows what I will actually need to maintain once I am back to my active self and at a higher weight. But 2500Kcals seems so more realistic and likely than 1550 or 1300..seriously WTF!

Have faith, keep going, don’t restrict and repair your body and suppressed metabolism to start functioning properly!


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