Visit with the nutritionist

Today I visited the nutritionist. We chatted, discussed my eating habits and blood results and weight were discussed.

I came out feeling pretty good when she told me the results of my blood tests and weight. All my nutrient levels etc are actually back to normal!! I was so shocked. Happy. Excited. Everything hehe.

Regarding my weight, its now still underweight of course but no longer in a dangerous zone! Another thing to show things are heading in the right direction.

To be told in January of this year that ”your body fat percentage is 5% and it is surprising how you are still functioning through the day”…to ”you are no longer malnourished and it should only take a little while longer to gain back weight to a completely normal level” is something I have been looking forward to hearing for so long!

Although, she advised I start as soon as possible with more therapy sessions. She told me off a little bit about the fact I still count calories and weigh food. Although, my intention of counting calories at the moment is a lot due to knowing that if I don’t count…i NEVER eat enough. I know this. Although, to get away from counting calories and being at a stage I can eat intuitively, without worry, without weighing is another challenge I have to overcome and something I want to happen so badly!

So, before my new meal plan is written up and sent to me by the nutritionist, I am planning another challenge this week.

No more weighing. No more counting calories. No more pedometer. No more calorie in and calories burnt estimations.

1 week of intuitive eating.

I will be tracking what I am eating. Listening to my body. Not focusing on the weight gain so much this week but focusing on not letting it control my mind or actions.

Listening to my cravings. Hunger. Fullness.

Not worrying if I feel I have had too much one day or not enough the next.


To a week of spontaneity and letting my body subconsciously take charge…lets see how it goes…:)

One thought on “Visit with the nutritionist

  1. Wow, this is so encouraging Sally. You are undoubtedly a very strong minded young lady 😍
    Out of the danger zone already – impressive xx


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