Day 21re-feeding (after the intuitive eating week test)

Today I had my weigh in after 1 week of intuitive eating. I lost weight!

Current weight 47KG.

So, I clearly don´t know my hunger cues just yet but I am feeling so much more positive this week about some things that have made my week very different.

Things I have done this week.

-Not counted calories.

-Listened to when I felt hungry and had what I fancied.

– If I felt hungry, I didn´t wait. I just ate what I fancied.

-I didn´t plan any plans around food and found myself out at friends houses, in bars etc quite a few nights this week after work and all weekend.

-I didn´t panic if I felt full or empty. Ie because I wasn´t counting calories…I simply did´t know if id had too much or too little so…there were no spiraling thoughts.

After tracking what I was eating at the end of the day (although not counting calories while I was doing this) the average each day came out at around 1700Kcals a day.

This is what I have been eating for years and why I think my body reverted back this this amount. Although as I can see by the loss…its simply not enough to maintain let alone gain weight!

This was being sedentary and just walking to work and to the center a couple of days. Ie no over walking or excessive exersize.

Although I have lost a bit this week which is not what I want to see, I have taken some positive things from this to take forward with me.

-2 of the nights I had alcohol. Although I wasn´t drunk I enjoyed a social drink.

-I didn´t weight food.

-3 of the nights I had chocolate late at night.

-I focused more on work and tasks that needed doing.

-I didn´t worry like I used to and find myself stressing about little things or calorie counting stress.

-I had a bigger variety of food because I just had what my appetite and mind fancied. Some days I had bigger dinners others small ie salad and beans. Others chocolate and sandwiches haha.

-I had a dinner made by a friends, salad, bread, tuna, ham, mayo followed by malteasers. I ate until satisfied and then had no further thoughts.

Things to take forward.

-Stop counting calories!

-Stop weighing food.

-Be spontaneous and don´t let food control my actions.

-Some days I will have more, others less. Listen to my appetite and cravings. It won´t be the case that everyday I crave high calorie food, my body balances this out as it has done this week with different quantities each day without me controlling this.

So, for the focus of weight gain I am continuing with the more laid back approach I have taken this week to hopefully carry this on for the future. However, with extra sneaky calories added as recommended by my nutritionist such as bigger spoon fulls of mayo, full fat milk always etc etc.

However, I am also still waiting for my new meal plan from the nutritionist which still hasn´t been sent yet. Although depending on how strict it is, I don´t want things to become too structured again since this is my biggest issue with this.




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