Day 42 recovery.

Weigh in today 49.5KG. Up again :).

On average I have been having around 2100Kcals a day at work (sedentary at work). Then I have no idea for the last 5 days because each day I haven’t been counting much. The times I have eaten I haven’t really been that hungry, like i used to wait until I was very hungry. Now, if its around lunch, dinner or eating time haha…I eat a BIG meal. Although, I think calories have been around the same 2100 and up to 2500 on the day I went to the club.

Had the last 5 days off work and had a great time. Random times, meals, being productive and….met a guy hehe.

I am finding myself writing less…although I think I am starting to develop more of a desire to write about other things since the further I get along with this process….the less important food, weight and how everything used to revolve around it is becoming….:)!

I started weight training again 2 weeks ago. I felt now that I gained some weight, I could see how I feel not to over push myself, but to start building my fitness back up and hope that now I am eating right…to see where it can take me.

What I have noticed.

-When training, I have more energy for it..because I’m fueled!

-The next few days, the soreness in my muscles if far less than it used to be and in only 2 weeks, I feel I am a little stronger.

-Eating 2000Kcals doesn’t seem like any kind of challenge any more and every meal is a full plate with lots of carbs.

-I am looking softer and have a bit more to pinch on my stomach.

-I am going to the bathroom most days.

-The desire for treats is low. But when I want a cookie, chocolate or something…i just go get it.

-I am laughing, joking and being my old silly self sooooo much more. I love it. Crazy me is coming back haha.

-I am never feeling hungry because if i detect any sign of hunger…I eat!

-I am sleeping better. I think part of this has to do with me deciding to not use the computer after dinner (dinner is around 10pm). Instead I am reading and I am sleeping so much better!

-I have stopped eating a lot of sugar at night. Instead I am having bigger meals with slow release carbs like lots of oats, rice, potatoes etc and the desire for more sugar is lower. But sometimes some fruit and yohurt or a cookie before bed if i really fancy it.

-I had a martini the other night. I also had my usual vodkas and coke after haha. But, I fancied it. Normally I would worry because the calories are higher but it was yummmy haha. Then later in a bar, the bar didnt have coke zero only normal coke. Normally I would of freaked out haha….but nope I said errrmm…ok :).

I am feeling good at the moment. Still a little anxious. But overall good. I am enjoying a change of routine, getting really into reading haha, I find it focuses my mind because the book I am reading is soooo interesting. So theres less time to overthink, worry etc.

The thought of different food situations, different meals, not having the perfect meal is not worrying me as much any more. Although, I find I am not craving the thought of un healthy stuff because I find I have far more energy, feel better physically and mentally when I am eating right.

I am excited, super excited about the guy I am dating. We met around 4 weeks ago and wow, he is incredible. So funny, attractive, sweet and we have so much in common.

Usually when I meet a guy I freak out about the thought of sex because of this issue. I am still freaking out a little but its giving me the extra motivation to carry on with this. At the rate I am gaining now, it should only be another 4-8 weeks or so that I hit my goal :).


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