Day 48 recovery.

Weigh in today 49.2KG. Up again.

Been eating around 2100Kcals each day, although still finding I am eating quite a bit when not hungry.

Feeling stronger, less self conscious, more spontaneous and less worried in most situations.

I am beginning to be able to focus and use time more productively for fun, things that need doing, work etc.

I am starting to think of other things in my life.I can now focus so much more and am not stressing about calories like I used to.

The last 3 weekends, I have had social drinks in the afternoon and am loving it :).

My workouts (that i started again a few weeks ago) are now much funner. I can feel myself getting stronger and now have the energy to do my best.

Excessive walking now seems a thing of the last for me. I walk to get places, to get things done, stretch my legs or take in the scenery and have good chats.

I am laughing and acting silly so much more.

For sure what was water weight in the beginning is becoming fat now and I am glad this has not been all of a sudden but has been gradual. But its strange, its as though I am starting to remember what it is like to have a normal body again. A normal body, a normal mind and do normal things like normal people.

Things are progressing with the guy I met and I am so happy that I started this process months ago and not waited any longer. I am still nervous about being intimate with him but if I consider how it would have been 4 months ago, I could of lost yet another guy that I can see is special because of my insecurities and ridged rules controlling every situation.

Feeling…..its finally happening šŸ™‚

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