The start of something…special

22nd November 2018
I wanted to write this blog as it feels it could be a chapter in my life leading to bigger and greater things that one day I may look back on and be able to reminisce where it all began.
Just over a month ago I met someone. After being single for around 7 years, the thought of these feelings returning was a constant hope, but something I was unsure would ever happen again.
They say true love, a soul mate or whatever people may call it is something rare. Something that may only happen a few times within ones life time. The more years that have past being single, the more guys I have dated, the more I believe this to be true. We all date, lust over a recent partner but a true connection is rare. To be able to be yourself, share the same interests, laughs, appreciation for life and respect each other as individuals is not as common as it may be thought. This put together with a connection that makes you feel a part of each other even when not together and that in a crowd full of people, the only person you see is the other…this is rare.
This feeling has only happened to me twice in my life time. Once when I was very young and this person was in my thoughts and heart for around 7 years. The second person I had planned to marry. The reason I believe these to be true loves is that both of them have now gone on to have beautiful children and I could not be happier for them. The thought of them being truely happy puts a smile on my face. Although i no longer love these people romantically, their happiness will always be important to me and to know this is something that makes me so happy for them.
Yet, I think this could be happening to me again. This person has come in to my life, and not a day has passed since meeting this person that I have not had a thought, daydream or smile on my face when this person is in my mind.
We had our first date in a hotel close to Torre Agbare with beautiful views over Barcelona city. We drank, chatted and laughed all night.
Our second date we strolled along the beach and through my favourite town of which I used to live, Poble Nou. We walked by a small pond and he held my hand and we cuddled. It was there we had out first kiss.
I would often think about doing certain things on a weekend, new places to go, experiences to try, yet this person also has the same ideas and is so eager to show me these things. Last weekend we had the plan to go Karting, yet ended up playing lazerquest with around 20 9 year old spanish kids, after a few vodkas. I hadn’t laughed so much in years. I felt like a child again with not a care in the world.
He makes me feel positive about life, its possibilities, my potential and myself.
When I am with him, he smiles and I can’t help but smile to myself.
He is the perfect gentleman and makes me feel like a lady. Respectful, considerate and attentive.
He has made so many suggestions on things we can do together all being exciting, new experiences that I feel I would not get the same enjoyment out of if it was with anyone but him and for this I am so excited to try new things with him.
I haven’t smiled so much and felt this positive about my future in so many years. I have been so independent for so long that the thought of letting anyone in to my life, changing my routine, taking away my independence or even how it is to be with someone again is a thought that scared and confused me as to if it was something I could adapt to, wanted or was capable of. Yet this feels so natural.
When I think about him, I feel positive. The stress of the day is relieved and the only thought in my mind is him, us and the present.
I am excited to see what this could be leading to, but my feelings are that this could be something special.
My Dani x

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