28th Febuary

As writing the title for this blog, I just realized that today is the 4th year anniversary of moving to Barcelona. Hehe how time flies.

Anyway, this week I have been feeling great. It took a few days for my stomach to stop hurting after the binge I had at the weekend, but feeling more or less back to normal now and a little hungry at times. Although my energy has been higher than normal this week and I have been sleeping better most days.

I think not having sooo much liquid before sleeping (I would always half protein hot chocolate before sleeping like 2-3 mugs full) not doing this I think is half the reason I am sleeping better and I am worrying a lot less which is also bound to help.

Ive made quite a few changes this week and I think its really helping me to shift my focus on to other things, more important things and what I love.

-I have not done a workout all week.

-I have not prioritized protein since I am not working out I don’t feel the need to.

-Not prioritizing protein allows me to listen more to my body and not having what ”I think I need to recover from the workout” but what I actually want, need and am craving.

-I am eating when hungry and when I feel very full or have no appetite, I don’t feel the stress and pressure to eat or at least have protein to make up the macros for the day.

-Some days I am feeling more hungry, others less and I am simply responding to this.

-I am focusing sooo much more at work and making that my challenge while I am there.

-Anxiety has reduced because of as mentioned above I am not anxious that people will see me eating the weird protein stuff and question it, or that I won’t eat enough to build muscle or whatever. I am simply eating what I fancy and not over analyzing it.

-Every day this week I have had different meals. Its been refreshing! Listening to what I crave and eating exactly what I crave, not what I think I should have.

-I have not measured or even counted calories much this week.

-I have done different things each day. Some days shopping, others cleaning, others meeting friends before work, others late night dinner and chat with Nuria and others films or reading. This has also been so refreshing to mix up my routine.

-I have not weighed myself since the last weigh in which I think will be 2 weeks in a few days time.

I am feeling better and more positive about how I have felt, acted and the things I have done this week. I feel a bit more normal and hopefully this is another step in the right direction. Not focusing on numbers for a change my head feels lighter, the amount of calculations going on in my head on a daily basis, it feels like I has been studying for a maths degree for 4 years and now finally the exam is over this week haha.

Although, the last time I wasn’t tracking calories etc close to 4 years ago…(because there was no calories to track I was literally eating a banana a day and nothing else for months) I remember then that although it was a time I was very unhealthy and had no energy I also didn’t have the anxiety, pressure and avoidance of certain situations that I have now. So, I know it is the counting that drive me mad and puts pressure on me that I don’t need. So I want to try and stick with this as much as I can so it becomes my new habbit.


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