what a week :). Or nearly two weeks a should i say.

I started off counting calories a bit last week to see how much i was having and hungry for and was having around 1850-1900 for around 5 days, then i just felt so stuffed so started listening to my appetite and eating healthy and just what I craved. Being quite sedentary in the week then went out for lunch last week and a night parting this weekend.

From about 5 days ago I have been eating just for appetite,not feeling I have been cutting in anyway and not counting any calories. Also I haven’t done any exercise other than walking since quitting the gym last month.

Its crazy because this last week I have been feeling bigger, more girly, softer etc, but today weight in 47.8KG, what the hell, weight loss. So. I am not feeling bad, good or anything about the weight because I actually think this week I have seen a different me and life again and reminded me of what I want.

-5 days no calorie counting.

-over 2 weeks no workouts.

-barely using weighing scales for food other than when cooking lost of chicken for work meals, used maybe 3 times in the last 2 weeks. It would be at every single meal before.


-I am sleeping soooo much better. And then the next day feel good, rested and happy.

-When I focus on nutrition and eat healthy foods I find I dont even care about the calories,its just with the not healthy food i worry about the calories.

-I am laughing more again.

-My head has space to think about fun things.

-I am eating different meals every single day. This week only had the same meal maybe 3 times in a week instead of 7x lunches same, 7x dinners same etc etc.

I went out for lunch last week and just ordered what sounded nice, was so nice!


I am getting closer to where I want to be and am just focusing on living how I want to live now. Not obsessing about the gaining weight, not restricting, just living more for now which is one thing the therapist picked up on that I am on a jouney to be the ”perfect me” and almost waiting for this before living how i actually want. Nothing or know one will every be perfect so I want to keep on this jouney of living for who i want to be now. What does sally now want to eat, do for activities, be in personality, beauty, fashion, social life etc. Oh, talking of beauty, this is another thing that has helped me this past couple of weeks. I have been focusing a bit more on beauty things such as my hair and nails. I know this sounds shallow but its another way for me to make myself feel good without effecting my health. I have been feeling more girly again (not a sport tom boy like i usually feel) and im loving it! Not felt this girly in years :).

2nd appointment with the therapist again and looking forward to seeing her!



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