What if ´image´ didn´t exist?

What if ´image´ didn´t exist?

What if we valued each other purely on strengths, achievements, personality attributes and our abilities to shine out through through the crowed purely by how we act and who we are.

We all say…´I hate how people judge based on looks, body image, weight and beauty´. However, we still continue to do this ourselves despite the fact we hate it.

In western culture this is something instilled in us. Not surprising when we are bombarded with celebrity images of what equals ´perfection, beauty, success´.

The never ending promotion of diet products, weight loss products, beauty and reinforcing in our minds the importance of this.

To feel good about ourselves physically is a great thing. But when this ranks higher on what we are valued for by others or our biggest achievement we credit our self with, then surely this is clouding our true beauty and achievements as a person.

If image didn´t exists, it is a fact that people would be judged differently. The most intelligent, caring, funny, and truly inspiring people would be the most beautiful and praised by people.

More and more people would tune in on the achievements, personality traits and real thoughts and actions of that person would be noticeable.

People would not be pre-judged for their appearance and would be taken as equal until their true personality has created that first impression.

We would invest more time in getting to know people to see who we are compatible with as friends, lovers and who do not add value to our life.

There would not be feelings associated with the pressure to look a certain way, feeling in-superior to others due to weight, image, fashion or any other factors.

We may be born beautiful psychically, we may not. We may be tall, small, overweight, skinny, blonde or brunette. Although each of these physical attributes can be manipulated to some degree, we are all born as we are and that is something we have no control of.

Our personality, achievements and what we strive for in life are 100% in our control. So we are we complimented, judged and seen being more successful depending on how we look.

In other countries I have come to realize that although image is important as with every country in the world, some countries zone in on this far above the others and it is only when taking myself out of this culture that I have come to realize this.

Life is short. Achievements give such endorphins and when these are noticed by others this encourages you to keep on going. Keep reaching your goals, keep becoming a better person, keep being the best version of you you can be.

I think its time we all started complimenting others more on their achievements, and how the cope, act, respond and succeed in life. Seeing them as people and not physical beings holding a higher rank the more attractive they are in appearance.

Because someone was at a higher weight at some point in their life, does not make them any less successful. Some people have their own weight goals and if that is important in their life then that is fine. But do not judge anyone based on this and assume that they are un happy like this.

I am now gaining weight and each small bit of weight I gain, the happier, funnier, more positive, determined and am becoming.

The more weight I am gaining, the more I am caring about my friends and family, achieving other goals and challenges and progressing in my life.

Do something different and don´t let the automatic first compliment of ´wow, you look nice, slim, beautiful etc´ be the first and only compliment you pay someone. This is over used and it often makes a person feel much better and provides more motivation and encouragement when you compliment someone based on what they have actually put effort in to creating, being or achieving.

A comment on how I looked used to mean a lot to me. Now its like words in and out of my ears and makes me think ´but what about all that I have done and achieved lately??´.
Compliment people on this, notice what they have done, who they are as a person if looks weren´t visible and start giving compliments on these basis to encourage that person and make them genuinely smile and feel proud of themselves.

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