Motivation back

27/04/2019. Its been a good week. Emotional at times. So many laughs. Times i have felt crying. But I have been feeling a lot more in touch with my emotions again this week. I felt my thoughts slipping back in to numbness over the last month or so as I was restricting again but didn’t … More Motivation back

progress. 20/04/2019

Weight today 47.5kg. Although my weight gain doesn’t seem to be progressing much…my consistency in eating, trying more things, worrying less, focusing on work and friends and my mental clarity is progressing immensely. I have been using an app that my psychologist registered me on called recovery record. We are connected through this app and … More progress. 20/04/2019

Fear foods

So this last week I set myself the challenge to combat my biggest fear food…cake. Everyday I have baked cakes, starting with pancakes, then little carrot cakes, scone/vanilla cakes etc. All made with spelt flour, avocado, stevia etc, so healthy but tasted no different to normal cake. I now have 5 in the fridge for … More Fear foods


Ok so after 3 weeks not weighing myself, not calorie counting (although my brain always does an estimate at the end of the day of habit) trying to do opposite actions as much as I can ie if a voice tells me no, wait until tomorrow or don’t have a little bit of chocolate….going and … More Seriously?


The last few days, I feel some real progress has been made which I am super excited about…but also feeling a bit scared about at the same time. The last few weeks I have been really ill with a bad cough, not sleeping and feeling sick at times so its not been the best week … More 26/03/2019