Day 13 re-feeding.

Today I weighed in at 47.8KG (7stone 5.2 llbs). I gained 🙂 which I expected from the week I have had. 2 days of extreme hunger. Eating sooo much. Plus a weekend of fun, lots of sangria, and for the first time…not restricting after a few days of giving in to extreme hunger. I’ve decided … More Day 13 re-feeding.

Day 8 re-feeding

And today the extreme hunger has continued. Wow. Today I have eaten. Although, physically i feel drained, pregnant, puffy and my skin is stinging slightly in the way it has when i previously used to have bulimia after big binges (possibly skin stretching due to water retention), I am trying to keep positive and not … More Day 8 re-feeding

Day 7 re-feeding

Although I have not finding myself write everyday (and only wrote yesterday) I thought today would be a good day to write and focus my mind. Weigh in this morning 47.5KG. Up 2 KG this week which I was actually quite surprised since on the same calorie in take when i first started the ‘stage … More Day 7 re-feeding

What a weekend :) Day 6 (Re-feeding stage 2)

After getting back from England, I felt my emotions, body, thoughts and anxiety all out of control again. I was struggling to think again. Its like my focus, motivation to get better, new considerate, positive, funny personality had just evaporated over night. A strange feeling to go from feeling invincible on a positive high that … More What a weekend 🙂 Day 6 (Re-feeding stage 2)

Things to Notice

I used to love weight training, now I don’t particularly enjoy it.I think I saw it more of a way to make me feel stronger and more powerful in my body. Average girls who like sport don’t weight train to the frequency and intensity that I was, so why should I be doing in my … More Things to Notice

What do we really have to be grateful for?….More than you probably every realize or appreciate.

It is easy to focus on the negative areas of our lives and relationships and often tends to take a much deeper thought process or sometimes even a loss of these things to every truly realize how many great things we have in our lives every day without ever appreciating. It is western culture to … More What do we really have to be grateful for?….More than you probably every realize or appreciate.