what a week :). Or nearly two weeks a should i say. I started off counting calories a bit last week to see how much i was having and hungry for and was having around 1850-1900 for around 5 days, then i just felt so stuffed so started listening to my appetite and eating healthy … More 11/03/2019


weigh in today 49kg. Although body fat has gone up to 21% not surprising after the other day. However, I am writing this now to remind myself and keep going and not let this get to me or bring me down. I will not weigh myself for another 2 weeks now and continue the way … More 01/03/2019

28th Febuary

As writing the title for this blog, I just realized that today is the 4th year anniversary of moving to Barcelona. Hehe how time flies. Anyway, this week I have been feeling great. It took a few days for my stomach to stop hurting after the binge I had at the weekend, but feeling more … More 28th Febuary

23rd February

🙂 heyy. haha. So today wanted to do a bit of writing to check where I am up to since things seem to be a bit more on track again. I contacted a therapist as my Dad persuaded me to when I was back in England last week and am feeling so optimistic and excited … More 23rd February