Day 74 recovery

I know its been a while since I wrote a blog on this, but I feel ive just been toooo busy! haha. good busy :). Weigh in today 49.3kg. Slightly up but not a lot for over a month. Although, I am taking things a bit slower now and have also started back at the … More Day 74 recovery

Day 48 recovery.

Weigh in today 49.2KG. Up again. Been eating around 2100Kcals each day, although still finding I am eating quite a bit when not hungry. Feeling stronger, less self conscious, more spontaneous and less worried in most situations. I am beginning to be able to focus and use time more productively for fun, things that need … More Day 48 recovery.

Day 42 recovery.

Weigh in today 49.5KG. Up again :). On average I have been having around 2100Kcals a day at work (sedentary at work). Then I have no idea for the last 5 days because each day I haven’t been counting much. The times I have eaten I haven’t really been that hungry, like i used to … More Day 42 recovery.

Day 34 recovery

Weigh in today 48.7KG (7.6stone). Was a bit surprised by this. Scared, happy, upset all in one. I am starting to really notice my body change now. Although this has been gradual which has made things easier. And yesterday, I couldn’t believe it when I actually tried on a pair of jeans, and they fit! … More Day 34 recovery

Day 28 Recovery

I am now re-changing my blog updates to ”Recovery” instead of ”Re-feeding”. There are several reasons for this as I have noticed my thought processes change a lot over this process which I started back in August and now the term ”Re-feeding” doesn’t seem appropriate. In-fact if I really think about it, 28 days is … More Day 28 Recovery

Why recover?

The main reason I want to recover from anorexia is to get my life back. feel fit,healthy, free socially and mentally. To be able to have the energy and no worries through the day to be able to focus my energy in to people,experiences,learning and doing what I love. The biggest thing that stops me … More Why recover?