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Lifes destination of happiness.

I have recently come to realise in my life that life is truly a game. A game of exciting, scary, for ever uncertain choice games all of which will lead in a maze of different challenging paths for the final destination will remain forever unreachable. People often set out in life with an ultimate goal of where they see their path in life leading them. Whether that be married with 2.5 children, settled and stable or a born free traveller, living life independently. Everybody is different in what they believe will make them happy although that is everyone’s ultimate goal right? To reach ultimate happiness.

For years I too have been searching for the path that eventually I believed would lead me to happiness forever finding myself facing obstacles and challenges I believed were preventing me from reaching happiness and feeling my life was just one of those unlucky life stories that will never truly live up to the life I had imagined and dreamt up for so many years. Ideal images of daily routines, fancy job titles, beach bodies figures and the perfect husband is what many people believe will ultimately make them happy, but through out the last year I have sucome to a whole new perspective on life, one in which I feel has transformed my mind, body and the way I view this crazy game of a world and all the confused game players within it.

People in life, myself included, often see life as a path leading to a final destination, however don’t think logically when we all know the final destination in life is death. What I have come to realise in the past year is that life is not a game with an ultimate destination since every bodies life is uncertain and will remain uncertain. However, it is this that develops us as humans to face these challenges we come across, to experience failure, loss and heartache to enable us to grow, mature and become more of a person as we fight our way through these forever occuring challenges.

From each challenge faced, I believe this develops us as human beings, to give us the ability to truly prioritise what matters most in life and be able to empathise not only sympathise with the challenges also faced by others. It is through this development and adaptation to life and its crazy tests that has made me find the path to my happiness and that is to not focus on the destination since the destination will never be reached, but to focus on the little things and making each day as bright, positive, productive and mind broadening as I can to make the most out of each day. From the observations made on a simple walk through the luscious green countryside that so many of us take for granted, the happiness that doing simple kind gestures can bring to another person, children riding their bikes through the park, laughing and playing with not a care in the world taking me back to happy childhood memories, the sun shining, surrounded by beautiful views and forever not knowing what the day will hold. All that’s certain is that it is another day to create happiness not to reach a destination but to simply enjoy living for the moment.

The world is full of crazy, fun, interesting and heart touching places, people, facts,views, foods and ways of life all of which are new discoveries that I intend to spend my life exploring to broaden my mind, knowledge, understanding and experience so that one day I can say, I did it, I reached my final destination of happiness which was to be able to look back and know that I hadn’t wasted time wishing and wanting for happiness, but to realise that I had made everyday happy in one way or another through the simple things. I believe there truly is only one certainty in life and that is that we are not on a path leading to a final destination, but that our destination has already been reached.

Our destination is the world and all the beauty and experiences it has to offer. For this reason, I intend to live it, love it and experience all that it has to offer to bring me my continuous destination of happiness!